Providing a contract packing service

Our core competency is dry blending and packing of food products into small pack formats

Our capabilities

Value added services

New Product Development, which includes the conceptualization & commercialization of the product and including the required primary & secondary packaging.

Benefits of contract packing

CoSo offers the infrastructure, technology and skilled personnel needed to bring new and innovative concepts to market, quickly and economically.


CoSo is a contract packer specialising in the manufacturing & packing of dry food products.

Who CoSo is

Strategically situated near Johannesburg, the economic heart of Southern Africa, CoSo is an outsource partner to the FMCG industry, providing a contract packing service to the key national & multinational companies in Africa. Our name is a symbol of what we stand for: Collaboration.

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership to achieve growth. Growth of our company. Growth of our clients. Growth of Africa.

Our core competency is flexible packaging, including stick packs and pouches. We also offer a variety of other products and services related to packaging – specifically, New Product Development, Project Management and Supply Chain Management.

Our core strength is our people. At CoSo we view ourselves as part of a large, extended family with substantial experience and expertise in contract packaging. Our clients are leaders in their markets and well known in their industries and we share with them a passion for delivering products that truly matter to the market.

Our company is quality focused – exceeding the quality standards not only of the packaging and food industries but also of our clients. Our quality focus applies to our products, our processes and to how we treat our clients.

Our certification, shows our commitment to offer the highest quality in food packing solutions.

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Our customers include some of the largest food manufacturers in South Africa and Globally.